How to Post a Photo Album


Access the Member Dashboard, on the left sidebar find the Photo Album post type, click on it to make a new post.

Add some content to the post, for example a title, description, category and more as explained below:

1. Publish content on the site or save it as a draft.

2. Add the Title of the Photo Album.

3. Select the Category for the album.

4. Enter keywords that apply. Separate with comma.

5. Enter the main Description of the Photo Album.

After all of the details have been saved, add the images to the Photo Album post.

Upload as many images as needed.

1. Add a Title to the Image.

2. Add a Description to the Image

3. An option to rotate the images is also available.

Here it is possible to Arrange the Photo Display Order:

See how the images can be arranged and select the cover image for the post in the following GIF:

When editing the photos, it is also possible to save the changes and  the photo display order by clicking on the buttons located on top of the album:

Once the Photo Album has been created, it will display the current Status (Published, Draft, Expired). The number of views and Bookmarks will only show if the correspondent add ons are active on the site. Click Here to learn more.

Click on the Actions Button to View, Edit, Upload Photos, Clone or Delete the post:

* Keep in mind that the Clone option will only copy the post details, not the images.

Member Dashboard Options

Different options are available on this section. For more information, please refer to the image and points shown below:

1. Photo Albums: Will show all the photo albums and display the amount of albums in the account.

2. Add a New Photo Album Click to add a new photo album. It will not display if the limit of posts has been reached.

3. Entries per page: Click on the dropdown to choose how many entries will show per page (5, 10, 25 or 50 entries).

4. Order of the Posts on the Page: Newest, Oldest, Updated (first), Updated (last), Start Date (first), Start Date (last).

5. Filter by Status: Published, Draft or Expired.

6. Filter by Keyword: Enter a desired keyword to display all photo albums that contain it.

Lastly, all Post Types have a designated search results page:


Once published, this is how the Photo Album posts display on the site: