Posting Reviews

On the member profile page click the "Write a Review" button:

Within the Review form the users will be able to fill out:

  1. Add the Title of the Review
  2. The full Review
  3. The member's rating
  4. Name or Company
  5. Email Address

If the user leaving a review is an existing member that is currently logged in, the name and email will automatically populate and cannot be edited:

How To Accept / Delete Reviews as a Member

Access the Member's Dashboard, on the left sidebar find the Manage Reviews tab and click on it.

Now the member can either Accept or Delete the review:



If it is accepted, it will show the "Accepted" label with the option to delete later right below:

Requesting More Review

This will lead to a page with a link where the member can engage contacts in their network:

This link can be shared through email, text and social media: