In this article we cover how to edit the SEO elements on member search results pages in general, including how to add additional content to the body of all member search results pages of a certain type (all country search results pages or all main category search results pages for example).

In some cases, you may also want to edit the SEO settings and/or content of one specific member search results page without affecting all of the other member search results pages of the same type.

For example, perhaps I want to add some additional content only for the member search results page for the main category "Restaurants" in the location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, but I do not want this content added for any other main category search results pages in any other city.

To do this, we need to first create a new static page for this specific search results page.

** Important Note: The instructions below will only impact the "Pretty" URL version of a member search results pages (for SEO purposes), and will not impact the content or SEO elements that visitors see when they use a search feature of the website to access the "Not So Pretty" URL version of the page.  To impact the "Not So Pretty" URL version of the page, please see this article. **

Creating The Static Page

First, login to the Admin area of the site and then click on the "Visit Website" link at the top of the screen:

This will display the website with the Admin Bar on the front end:

Next, navigate to the "Pretty" URL version of the member search results page that will be edited. In this example, the "Pretty" URL version of the page is located at /united-states/san-francisco/real-estate-services/.

Once on the page, click on the "Create Static Page" icon in the left Admin navigation bar:

If this page has already been created, the icon will change from "Create Static Page" to "Edit Static Page":

Next, enter the permalink of this page into the Permalink/URL field:

From here, continue to fill out all of the other fields:

Make sure that the Page Type is "Member Search Results":

For more information about each of these fields and what impact they will have on the live webpage, please see the "Editing SEO Elements" section of this article.

Once this is complete save the changes. Now navigate to the same page on the front end of the website to see the new custom content and SEO Elements reflected on the page:

Now there are different options for how the content will display on the page. Select these options in the Display Options Tab under Custom HTML Placement:

These are a couple examples of what it looks when selecting:

 Inside Tab - is the default option, this will display in a new tab, "Read More":

Above Member Results - will display the custom content on top of the Results page:

For more information, feel free to submit a ticket HERE.