It is possible to assign custom forms to specific membership levels. 

This allows you to have a custom contact details form for a business listing and a different contact details form for general website users. 


  • Easily create custom forms to assign to a specific membership level
  • Offers dynamic user experience based on membership level
  • Allows for a true “General User” experience

Step 1 - How to customize a form:

Go to: Toolbox >> Form Manager >> Find the form you want to edit.

Additional Information: Form Manager Folder

The system will automatically carry over all the settings from the original source and will assign a new nickname and a variable name (feel free to edit these names). After the edits, click “Save Changes”

Important Note #1: "Form Variable Name" must be all lowercase, no spaces and special characters allowed.

Important Note #1: Wording "Listing" needs to be available on Form Nickname for it to appear under available forms to use later on under Membership Level settings

Important Note #3: For this example, I renamed my custom form to “Listing - Contact Details - Master”

Step 2 - How to assign a custom form to a specific membership level

Now that we created our custom form, we can assign this to the membership level we prefer.

Navigate to FinanceMembership Plans:

Choose a membership level and click on “Edit

Navigate to the “Profile” tab

To change the form, select the new one from the dropdown menu: