Address privacy concerns by hiding the profiles of specific membership levels on your website. You can also incentivize member upgrades by limiting their search functionalities.

It can be useful to adjust the privacy settings for membership levels on your website. This add-on gives you these abilities and more by unlocking additional member search permissions.

Important: If you had installed this functionality on your website before August, 2017 we have recently released an update that modifies how the Search Visibility Options are selected, essentially reversing the way they are selected.

If you had this functionality installed on your website prior to August, 2017, the Search Visibility Options will now appear like this, with an option to install the latest update:

By clicking on the "Install" button, the system will run the update on your website, and select all of the correct options for each product automatically so it will continue to function correctly as you had it setup in the old system previously.

After clicking the "Install" button, the Member Search Visibility Options section should then display like this:

What Does This Add-on Do?

This update reverses the way Search Visibility Options are selected.  Previously, you would choose which users can search for the members in this product.  Now, you select which other types of users the members in this product can search for.

How to set it up:

  1. Login to your admin portal

  2. Go to Finance - Manage Products - Edit - Search Visibility tab.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click the “Install” button if this update has not already been installed on your website. If you do not see the installation button it means that you already have this as a feature on your website.

  4. What you will see at the bottom of the form once the update has been installed are all of the additional membership levels. For example, if you are editing the “Job Applicant” level, you will see the “Employer”, “Blog-Admin”, "General User", and whichever additional levels you have created.  

  5. By checking the box for “Employer”, you are giving permission to “Job Applicant” members to browse “Employer” member content.
  6. By not click any Products, "Job Applicant" members will be able to search for members in all other products. The moment you check a box next to a Product name, "Job Applicant" members can only search for members of that Product.

Listings Searchable on Website

This option can be seen here:

By setting this option to "No", all other Search Visibility options will be overridden and members in this Product will not be searchable by anyone.  Setting this to "No" is useful for products for Admin members of the site that are just used to post articles or other content, but you do not want to be a searchable member of the site (the content they post will still be searchable).

Setting this to "Yes" will allow the members of this Product to be searchable, and all of the other Member Search Visibility Options will take effect.

Listings Searchable for Non-Members

Setting this to "Yes" will allow users of the website that are not logged in to an account to search for the members in this Product.  if this is set to "No", users will have to be logged in to an account to be able to search for members in this Product.