For a monthly fee or with the VIP Add-Ons package, the website can upgrade to have auto-matching enabled for additional lead matching. Brilliant Directories has spent years developing this functionality and making sure you have full control over who gets auto-matched to the website leads.

In the past, website visitors that submitted the "Get Matched" form would land in the lead matching section and be flagged as "Open Bidding". Website administrators then had to manually match each member they wished to send the lead to. This can be a time consuming task if the site has dozens of leads coming in daily.

With auto-matching, the Brilliant Directories system can do the matching for you!

Please note that this functionality was designed for customers looking to automate the "Get Matched" process. This is not linked to leads that are sent directly to a member. It is possible to set direct lead inquires to be auto-delivered to the members. Read more about this here.

Auto-matching only applies if website visitors ask for additional member replies or submit the "Get Matched" form on the website that is usually found on "/getmatched" on the website. 

This robust functionality is only required for businesses that receive numerous leads and do not want to invest time and resources to match leads. We do not recommend upgrading to the pro package if you are just getting started with your business.