To edit the general settings of the Basic Leads Module, please go to ADMIN >> LEADS >> LEAD SETTINGS.

Available Settings In The Basic Leads Module: 

Maximum Acceptances: The maximum number of members who can accept / purchase each lead after it is matched to them. 

Enable "Get Replies from more members?" Option

Hide Field Labels - This will change the display layout of the questions on the contact form. 

Display Location Fields - This setting will hide the location field from the contact form. 

Make Location Fields Required? - Updates locations fields to be mandatory.

Map Display Options:

Make Category Fields Required - makes category fields mandatory

Category Display Options

Share the same form settings for Profile Pages & Website Pages - activate the same settings for the contact form and the get matched form on your site. 

To Quickly Master The Leads Module We Strongly Recommend Watching The Following Youtube Playlist:

Everything You Need To Know About The Leads Module