To edit the general settings of the Leads Module, navigate to Leads --> Lead Settings:

Click on "Main Action" to display General Lead Settings:

Available Settings In The Basic Leads Module: 


Enter the total number of inquiries an individual visitor can submit on a daily basis. Enter 0 for unlimited.

Example: If 1 is entered, the system will limit the number of times in a day that an IP address can submit the Get Matched form. This prevents people from spamming members by setting a daily limit.

After limit has been reached by visitor, it will show an alert “Daily Submission Limit Reached”:

This alert is a Text Label:

Database Variable: daily_getmatched_limit_reached                                    Default Value: Daily Submission Limit Reached

  • Automatically Match Leads To Qualified Members

Select "Yes" to active automatching.

  • Enable "Get Replies from more members?" Option

Select "Yes" to display "Get Replies from more members?" question on the lead form. Only applies on profile pages:

  • Hide Field Labels 

Select "No" to display field labels on the lead form:

  • Display Location Fields

Select "Yes" to display location fields on the lead form.

  • Make Location Fields Required?

Select "Yes" to make location fields required.

  • Map Display Options

When selected "Default" option:

When selected "Only Map" option:

When selected "Only Input" option:

  • Display Category Fields

Select "Yes" to display category fields.

  • Make Category Fields Required?

Select "Yes" to make category fields required.

  • Display Preferred Reply Day - Display Preferred Reply Time

Select "Yes" to display Preferred Reply Date and Time.

  • Category Display Options

Select your category combination to be displayed on the form.

  • Share the same form settings for Profile Pages & Website Pages

Select "Yes" to share the same form settings assigned for Profile Pages and Website Pages.  If set to "No", A new set of setting for Website Pages will appear bellow: