How to Setup Upgrade/Downgrade Options for Membership Plans


With these settings, it is possible to fully control which membership plans appear on the member's Upgrade/Downgrade page. 

To activate the "Available Upgrade Options" settings,  please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Finance » Membership Plans and click on "Edit" for any Membership Plan:

2. On the "Sign Ups & Upgrades" tab scroll down to the Change Plan - Upgrade/Downgrade Settings area:

3. There are few additional options when scrolled down further:

 1. Upgrade Email Sent: Choose an email template to be sent after member upgrades to this membership plan.  Send Copy of Email to Default Website Email Address: If this setting is checked (Default), the system will send a copy of this email to the owner of the site (Default Website Email Address).     

2. After Upgrading To This Plan, Set Account Status As: This option will allow selecting the status of the members as soon as they upgrade to this specific membership plan.  

These are the 4 options:  

  • Active Account: This will make the member active as soon as she or he upgrades, the account will be visible on the site right away.

  • Inactive Account: This will make the member inactive as soon as she or he upgrades, the account will not be visible on the site right away. Same Status before upgrading: if the account is active, then it will remain active, if it was inactive, then it will remain inactive.

  • Same Status Before Upgrading: The status they had before upgrading will remain the same.

  • On Hold, Requires Admin Approval: The member is going to be on hold (Not visible on the website) until the admin manually changes the status to "Active".

3. Available Upgrade Options: The membership plans selected here will appear as options to upgrade or downgrade. Members can upgrade to a paid membership or downgrade from a paid membership to a free membership plan.

    Pre-Selected Plan: This membership plan will appear as the preferred upgrade option. 

    Display Order: Select the order the membership plans will show up. 


4. Upgrade Page Header Content: The text entered here will display above the available upgrade options on the upgrade page.

5. Description Why Members Should Upgrade to This LevelThe text entered here will display as a description for this membership level when it is an option to upgrade to.

Important Note: When adding a description to the "Description Why Members Should Upgrade to This Level" area for the membership plan called Plan 1, this description will only display for the members who can change their existing plan to Plan 1.


This description will not display for the members who are in Plan 1.


  • Membership plans that have the Account Type "claim" can't change their plans. The listing first has to be claimed by a member, and then the member can upgrade.

To learn how member upgrades are completed on the website, please read this article: Member Upgrades From Members Perception.