It is possible to fully control which membership plans appear on your member's upgrade page. 

This is an excellent update for two primary reasons:

  • You can now hide secret membership plans from your members
  • You can create affiliate membership plans and guarantee they will never appear as an option to your members during the signup process. 

To activate it please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Finance >> Membership Plans.

2. Click on "Edit" for any Membership Plan:

3. Click on the "Pricing" tab:

4. You will now see two new sections under the "Pricing" tab for each membership plan. 

In this section, you can control which membership plans can upgrade to the plan you have selected. In the example above, I have selected only the Premium Member plan.

The option: "Select Recommended" (See image above) will auto-select all membership plans that have a higher search result priority. 

You can configure the Search Priority under "Search Visibility":

5. Under the "Pricing" tab you will also find these options "Upgrade Page Header Content" and "Description Why Members Should Upgrade to This Plan"

You can add text and it will display as a description for this membership plan when upgrading.

Now when free members click on the upgrade button they will see the "from" description that is linked to the "Basic" plan, and the "To" descriptions of the "Premium" plan. 

This is an example of how it will look like when they click on "Upgrade Profile":

As you can see, they will be able to see the descriptions we just added in the Basic and Premium Membership Plans: 

To read more documentation about upgrades from the member's perception, please read this article: (Bootstrap) Member Upgrades.