There are many 3rd party tools that require you to place tracking code on "success pages"  in order to track sales, sign ups, conversions and more. With Brilliant Directories, you can place tracking code for your "success pages" into the following widget:

Bootstrap Theme - Conversion Tracking Codes

Some common variables that affiliate and other trackers want you to include in the pixel tracking code are the order amount and order or member ID, etc. These are the variables available on Brilliant Directories. 


FIRST PAYMENT AMOUNT = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['amount']; ?>

RECURRING PAYMENT AMOUNT = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['recurring_amount']; ?>

ORDER ID / MEMBER ID = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['user_id']; ?>

COUPON CODE = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['coupon_code']; ?>

PRODUCT NAME = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['product_name']; ?>

PRODUCT TYPE = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['product_type']; ?> 

FREE TRIAL = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['free_trial']; ?>

FREE TRIAL DAYS = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['free_trial_period']; ?> 

FIRST BILL DATE = <?php echo $conversion_tracking['first_bill_date']; ?> 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This widget is where you can place tracking code for affiliate programs, analytics and more.

This widget only loads on pages after a member sign ups or upgrades, so you can track successful sign ups.