If you have set your website to automatically send leads when a member is contacted directly there is no further action required by you unless you wish to send the lead to additional members. You can access this setting in "Lead Settings". If "Receiving Direct Leads" is set to "No", you will be required to "Match" the lead to the member that you wish to receive this inquiry. 

To match a lead navigate to Leads >> Manage Leads in your Admin. 

To identify where the lead came from, reference the "Origin Page" field:

* By clicking on the link following "Origin Page" you will be directed to the member profile page of the member that was contacted. This can be very helpful as the search criteria submitted may not match what this member is offering, and you will most likely want to send it to the member that was contacted anyways.*

If you feel that the member that was contacted does not match the right criteria for the lead you can change the Match of that particular lead within the "Actions" drop-down menu:

The following fields allow you to search for other members by:

1. Name

2. Top Level Category 

3. Sub Level Category

4. Sub-sub Level Category

5. Location

To change the status of the lead to accepted, scroll to the bottom, on the Status drop-down you will find the available options:

To match the lead scroll down to the members list, and select the "Match" action from the drop-down:

When matching the "Suggested Matches" with your lead our recommendation is to always select "Send Custom Preview Email and set as Pending". Sending the complete email will provide the email and phone number in the email itself, giving your members no reason to interact with your platform.