How to Match a Lead » Get Matched Form


Inquiries sent via the "Get Matched" portal on the website will always appear as pending unless the "Automatching" add-on is enabled on the website:

» Automatic Lead Matching Documentation


Sort through any "Pending" leads inside the Admin:

To confirm the source, use the Origin Page field:

*By clicking on the link after "Origin Page" the site will redirect straight to the "Get Matched" section of the website. If this form is embedded  on a custom page, then it will redirect to whichever page the website user was on when they filled out this form.*

In order to send this lead to the members click "Match Lead" within the "Actions" drop-down menu:


This will open the "Matching" portal, where a list of suggested matches will appear at the bottom of the screen:


** Important Note: When matching a lead, members that have an email address @ the domain of the website are skipped as suggested matches. 

A message indicating there are potential matches not included will show; hover over the help icon for a full description:


Please note that these members appear according to Membership Level search result priority, and must match the search criteria entered under "Match Lead #X":

The following fields make it easy to search for other members by:

  1. Top Level Category 
  2. Sub Level Category
  3. Sub-sub Level Category
  4. Name/Company
  5. Location


To send the lead to multiple members, click on the checkboxes of the member to send the lead email to and click on "Match":

** When bulk matching the INDIRECT MATCH email template will be sent out to the members. **

At this time confirm this action:

Followed by a success alert:

The member's will instantly receive the lead in their inbox: 



The "Suggested Members" will automatically move over to the "Matched Members" and have a "Pending" status:

NOTE: If the lead is trying to be manually set to "Pending" after the maximun number of times a lead can be accepted is reached it will set the lead as "Sold Out" and this error will show up:

When the lead status is changed to "Sold Out", matched members will not be able to accept the lead as the status will get updated.  

To hide the name from the member's dashboard, go into the "Website - Lead Form - Get Matched" form:

Before the change:

After the change: