The following documentation is exclusively for the "Auto-Matching or Advanced Leads Package". To purchase the "Auto-Matching or Advanced Leads Package" please email us at support. 

Auto-matching relies on your auto-matching settings and the search inputs submitted by the users of your website. Here are some of the core concepts of how auto-matching works:

  • The engine will only match members that match the criteria. If you allow a member to select a location, say San Francisco, and only 2 members are located in San Francisco, only those two candidates will be matched (assuming they match the additional criteria set by the user such as categories). 
  • Membership Level Sort Order is taken into consideration. This means if you have three premium members in San Francisco, these three premium members will always be auto-matched ahead of your free members that are also located in San Francisco. 
  • For accurate auto-matching, allowing for category inputs and location inputs is key. Not requiring a location or specialty to be entered limits the engine. 
  • Essentially the auto-matching functionality is the same as the member search functionality on your website. The system runs a search just like your users would, and starts to auto-match leads always going from top to bottom. 

Auto-Matching Lead Settings

You can edit the auto-matching lead settings by going to LEADS >> LEAD SETTINGS >> Edit Advanced Lead Settings

Maximum Matches: This setting controls how many members can be matched to a single lead. If you set this to "3", a maximum of 3 members will be matched. If no one meets the search criteria, no one will be matched and your lead will be flagged as "Pending". 

Maximum Acceptances: This controls how many members can accept a lead. This is particularly helpful if you intend to set the maximum matches to 5+ members, but don't want your website users to be bombarded with emails from your members. Once the maximum lead acceptance is reached, the lead status will change to "Sold Out". 

Automatically Match Leads To Members: This setting allows you to quickly turn auto-matching at any time. 

The Auto-Matching Engine

The auto-matching engine runs a search and matched leads to your members according to the settings that you have set. The engine takes the following things into consideration:

  • Membership Level
  • Categories
  • Location
  • Permission (Advanced Leads Package Exclusively)
  • Auto-matching Settings

Removing Categories & Location Inputs: By removing these input fields, you make the task of having the system accurately match leads that come in to your members all but impossible. The more data you provide the engine, the better results you can expect it to have.