The following documentation is exclusively for the "Advanced Leads Package". To purchase the "Advanced Leads Package" please email us at support. 

Brilliant Directories has taken managing website leads to new heights by introducing "Lead Actions". An "Action" is essentially all of the rules that apply to how leads are managed. Some basic settings included in the default "Basic Leads Package" include:

  • Instantly send direct lead requests
  • Maximum number of accepted leads
  • Email admin upon lead submission
The "Basic Leads Package" comes free to all Brilliant Directories customers, and includes a default action that is shared with all membership levels. 

With the "Advanced Leads Package" the power to create custom "Lead Actions" and to assign them to specific membership levels is now in your hands!

To break it down simply, it is now possible to fully customize how leads are managed by membership level. To help understand the true significance of such an update let's break down some examples that will help outline just how valuable such an update is. Please note all of these features are exclusive to the Advanced Leads Package. 

  • You can control which members receive leads via auto-matching
  • You can set specific email templates to be sent to specific membership levels. No more generic email templates that are share between your paid members and free members. Free members should receive incentives to sign up for a premium level, whereas paying members should be thanked for their business.
  • You can receive notifications when a member "accepts" a lead. This is quite frankly the best opportunity to call a customer to up-sell them on a premium level. You can also have an email go out automatically when a member accepts a lead 
  • You can receive an email notification when a member tries to accept a lead that is "sold-out". You can also have an email go out automatically to that member explaining why the lead was sold out and what they can do to prevent this from happening again. 
  • You can create custom lead forms and link them to custom "Actions"
  • And much much more!

Click here to learn about the default lead action and on how to create custom lead actions.