Manually Approve New Member Signups


In this article, we will explain how to manually approve new member signups.

With our platform, we can configure the member's approval per membership plan. 

To enable the functionality on each of them, please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to Finance >> Membership Plans. 

2. Find the membership plan and click on "Edit"  

We recommend manually approving "General User" or "Free" membership plans. 

In the General Tab, there is a setting called: "After Sign Up, Set Account Status As", please select the option called "On Hold, Requires Admin Approval"

When this option is chosen, if members sign up, they are going to be on hold and not visible until the admin manually approve them.

The last step of the setup will be to choose the "Sign Up Email Sent", please select the one called "Welcome-manual-review"

We do not recommend editing email templates but if for some reason it needs to be edited, please follow the steps below: 

Manually Approving Members 

1. To approve members, please go to Members >> Search Members.

2. The Status of the member will be "On Hold". 

3. Please click on Actions >> Quick Edit. 

4. Change the "Account Status" to "Active Account", and save the changes. 

When the status is "On Hold", and it is changed to "Active", the system will ask if an email notification needs to be sent.

NOTE: The email template sent above is called: user-approved-by-admin

It can be found under Emails >> Email Templates.

Now the status of the member will be "Active". As soon as the status has been changed, this member will be visible on the front end of the website.