The system is built to include as many automated functionalities as possible. Members are sent an email under which they can verify their listing and once they do so their listing will be live in searchable.

If you would like to manually approve members before they are searchable on your website, I would suggest that you make the signup Product hidden and non-searchable. Once you have approved their listing you can manually switch them over to a searchable membership level.

Please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to Finance.

2. Click on "Manage Products". 

3. Select the membership level you want to make "Non Searchable" and click on Edit.   

4. Go to the Search Visibility tab.

5. Find the option "Member Search Permissions" and click on NO. 

6. Save the changes. 

Now this Product (Membership Level) is going to be hidden in search results. This means, that the member who sign up through this product will be hidden as well. 

They will be able to create their profile and add features, however, none of them will be displayed. 

 After you completed these steps, you need to add this Product (Membership level) to the /join page (Image below shows the Join Page). 

To do this please see article: How to add a Product (Membership Level) to the Join page

When this is setup, you need to create a new product (Membership Level) to move the members when they approved by you. 

I'll recommend you to clone the existing membership level, this way you have the same features, just make sure to change the "Member Search Permissions" >> YES. This was explained in the step 5 above.   

When you clone a product (Membership level), the clone will show the same name and this can be confusing. I'll recommend you to change the name. 

For example: If I'm cloning the Feature product, the clone will be called: Featured Approved. 

This way I can move the listing to this new product. 

If in the future you need to manually upgrade or downgrade members, the only thing you need to do is find the member, click on Actions >> Quick Edit:  

Then  change the Primary Membership Level: 

Keep in mind that this won't modify the price of the products. If you would like to modify the price, you need to cancel the current subscription and create a new order. 

If you don't know how to do this, please follow the instructions below: 

How Do I Cancel Payment Subscriptions - Orders

How To Manually Bill A Member / Create A Subscription For A Member