What is the "Verify Listing" option? 

This is a feature that can be turned on or off for you website. This can't be controlled by membership level. It is either offered to all membership levels, or to none. The purpose of this feature is for your members to receive a badge on their listing that lets users know that the member was verified by the website administrator (you). 

A default badge will show on the profile (checkmark) and will show a message telling the public that the listing is verified if users hover over the icon. 


How Can I Turn On The Verified My Listing 

Please reference the following documentation:

How To Enable The Verified Member Link

To verify your members you will need to go to Members - Search Members:

And follow this GIF to learn how to do so for a specific member:

In order to modify the default form fields:

You will need to go to Toolbox - Form Manager and customize the Listing - Verify Account form:

When the verify form gets submitted an automatic email will be sent out, to modify this email template please follow these steps:

Go to Emails - Email Templates:

Customize the business-listing-verified email template:

If you have additional questions, feel free to create a ticket HERE.