The purpose of this feature is for the members to receive a badge on their listing that lets users know that the member was verified by the website administrator. 

A default badge will show on the profile (checkmark) and will show a message telling the public that the listing is verified if users hover over the icon. 

How To Turn On Verified My Listing 

Please take into consideration that this option cannot be enabled independently for each membership plan. It is either turned On or Off for all membership plans on the website.

To enable the verified member link for members, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and search for "Verify Listing":

After enabled, members will see the links in their accounts to fill in the form for verification.

The system does not verify members automatically, so the admin will need to verify them after they submit the form. To verify the members please go to Members - Search Members

Find the member that is going to get verified.

Click on Actions >> Quick Edit:

Go to the listings tab and find the setting: Verified Member? set the member to Verified.


Member Verify Form

In order to modify the default form fields:

Go to Toolbox >> Form Manager and customize the Listing - Verify Account form:

Click on Actions >> Customize. Edit the form fields or add new ones if necessary. 


Once the admin verifies the member in the Actions >> Quick Edit menu, the admin can use the email template business-listing-verified to let the member know that the profile has been verified. This email can also be customized. 

Custom Verified Badges

The verified badge can be personalized to fit the style of your site. To upload a custom badge, go to General Settings > Brand Images and upload the new icon here:

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.