It is now possible to stream featured articles on your homepage with the Featured Blog Article Slider Add-On. 

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What Is Included?

With the "Featured Blog Article Add-On" it is now possible to hand-select five featured articles to display permanently on a slider on your homepage. This feature is intended to work with the website blog as it is important for the admin of the website to be able to control which articles display here. 

Desktop View: 

Mobile View: 


In order for this update to be installed on your site, it must meet the following requirements.

Software Version

Your website must be using the Bootstrap version of the software.

Default Forms

In order for this add-on to work, the "Blog Feature" must be linked to the blog_article_fields form.

How To Select Which Articles Are Featured: 

To select an article to be featured on the slider please follow these steps:

  1. Login as the admin blog writer
  2. Select the article you would like to make "featured" and click on "edit":

  3. Select "Yes" for Featured on Homepage:

  4. Click on "Save Changes"

How To Select Where The Featured Blog Slider Displays On The Homepage

To position the slider on your homepage please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to "Design Settings"
  2. Click on the Homepage Layout Tab
  3. Go to Homepage Section Order and select "Show Featured Blog Articles" in the section you would like them to appear.

  4. Click on "Save Changes"

How Is The Order Of Articles Determined? How Do I Change The Colors?

The order of articles is set by publish date. There is a five article limit. This means that should you set six articles as "Featured", only the five most recent articles will display. 

In the Homepage Section Order Options you will be able to find additional settings for this add-on:

You can choose which feature to link this add-on to, we would highly suggest not changing this option unless you know what you are doing:

You can as well choose the design colors of this streaming widget:

You can also select where to display the article's position in the widget:

To purchase the Featured Blog Article Slider Add-On please visit the add-on's detail page HERE

You can also use this add-on with other post types such as member articles, coupons, jobs and events.
If you are interested in connecting this slider with any of these post types, please follow the steps of the article below:

Using The Featured Blog Article Slider With Other Post Types