Users can leave reviews on the members’ profile pages by default. This add-on, however, expands this functionality by allowing users to upload up to 5 images when leaving a review.

This functionality is completely mobile-friendly as well. Users can upload images from their smartphones and tablets in addition to their computers.

To activate this the admin will need to activate this based on membership levels, allowing the admin to have more control. 

Please follow these steps to activate the add-on:

Go to Finance - Membership Plans:

Select the membership level that this add-on will be activated for:

Next click on the Profile Page tab:

Scroll down until the Member Review Settings shows and allow/disable image uploads with reviews:

This will allow members to upload images when submitting a review for members:

This is how it will display on the member's profile:

If there are further questions about this, feel free to submit a ticket to