The Member Upload CV or Brochure field is a tool for members to upload files. This functionality is intended to display the file through a link in the Member's public profile.

What are the files supported by the Member Upload tool?

  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Word Documents
  • Excel Documents
  • Powerpoint Documents

IMPORTANT - The tool only supports: 

  1. Files that are 10 MB or less  
  2. We only support this field in the "Listing - Additional Details - Member" form.

How to Upload a File -

Go to the Member's Listing Details tab. Click on Choose file.

The 1 appearing next to the text means that a file has been uploaded. Now scroll down and save the changes:

How to Remove a File -

Which will prompt a confirmation alert:

How to Enable/Disable this Field on the Member's Public Profile -

Navigate to Toolbox >> Form Manager >> Listing - Additional Details - Member:

Scroll down until the "Upload CV or Brochure" field. Click on Field Settings and on "Show in Display View?" select "Yes":

Lastly, save the changes.

This is how the field will display on their public profile:

How to Add Additional CV/File Upload Fields to the Form -

On the form, click the "Add Field" button:

This will generate a blank field:

Within the "Field Type" drop-down select, Member CV / Brochure Upload:

Add a Label Name and a System Variable (the form will automatically fill in the variable, however, it is possible to add in a custom one):


Now, click on the "Gear Icon" and add:

  • Enter CSS Class - filestyle_uploadcv
  • Outer Element ID - upload_field

If this step is not done, the field will display like this on the front-end:

With those two fields filled in with the additional code, the form will display the new field(s) as a button to match the default field:

How to Edit the Current Text of These Fields -


Type in the search bar the current wording of the text field. Add the new text to display and save the changes.

"Upload CV or Brochure" and "Please select an image or PDF file":

>> member_listing_upload_cv

>> filestyle_choose_cv_file

"View my Curriculum Vitae"

>> view_my_cv

**Important Note** - The Upload CV functionality is only supported in the Listing Additional Details form. Moving this form field to other forms will cause this functionality to stop working properly.