This add-on can only be installed by our internal team at this time, if you wish to add it please submit a ticket to our support here. If this has been successfully installed on your website, it should appear when you do a member search with no results, here's an example:

Once installed, if you need to disable this addon, you can go to Settings >> Design Settings >> Search Results Design > Find Google Search Assist.

Select on EnableĀ or DisableĀ and click on Save Changes.

Important Note: There is no revenue enabled for the Google Search Assist add-on. Google simply forces ads with this tool. We do not monetize this nor is there a way using the add-on to connect your own publisher account to gain revenue from the ads there. A user would have to rebuild the whole add-on just for the site if they wanted the revenue from the ads in this type of tool.

Ultimately the tool is meant to provide visitors with some results when there are no member results to display. Ideally the website owner should work and fill those empty member searches on the site to provide real resources rather than google suggestions.