Once the Add-On has been purchased this will be install automatically. The Add-On can be activated through the membership plan settings.  

To add this as a feature for a membership level, simply navigate to Finance >> Membership Plans:

Click on "Edit Settings" for the membership level that will have this feature activated:

Click on "Search Visibility":

Scroll down until you see the "Max. Location Limit" option and set the "Max. Location Limit" to anything above 0. This will determine the number of service areas each member can add.  Make sure to also choose the types of locations members can choose as service areas in the "Location Types" setting:

When it has been activated this feature on the membership level, the member's back-end will have this extra option:

From here the members will have the option to add additional locations to their profiles by adding the locations here:

To edit the wording of country, state, county, city and/or postal code you can simply go into the text labels and search for these keywords:

  • service_label_city
  • service_label_country
  • service_label_county
  • service_label_state
  • service_label_zip

Fully deleting the wording in the text label will hide the option for the members, in the example below we removed "City" from the service_label_city text label and it no longer appears:

If there are more questions about this, please submit a new ticket here.