Website License Transfer


Transferring Ownership of a Brilliant Directories License

After purchasing a Brilliant Directories license, some owners may wish to sell or gift the license to another party.  This article covers the process of completing this kind of transfer, and some common questions.  Please make sure to follow the steps in the "Transfer Process" section below to ensure the transfer is completed smoothly.

Transfer Website 
  1. Visit our website: Website License Transfer

Transfer Fee

Whenever a license is transferred to a new party, there are administrative, security costs to verify the transfer and support costs during and after the transfer.  In order to cover these additional costs, Brilliant Directories charges a $75 one-time fee to complete the transfer of ownership.  Please note that this fee applies whenever ownership of a license is transferred, regardless of whether it was sold or gifted to another party.

If the transfer fee is not paid as outlined in the process below, the transfer becomes more costly, and an additional $75 fee will be added to cover these additional costs, for a total of $150.  If you are unsure of how to complete the transfer following the procedure below, please submit a ticket with any questions or concerns you have to avoid this additional $75 fee.

What Can Be Transferred

Brilliant Directories software licenses, the content of the website associated with the license (files, databases, and settings), and Add-Ons purchased from Brilliant Directories and applied to the license can be transferred to another party.  

All other types of products purchased from Brilliant Directories cannot be transferred.  These other products include, but are not limited to, credits, services, phone sessions, Add-Ons not applied to the license, or any special arrangements of any kind made with the original owner.  Any other assets associated with a website using a Brilliant Directories license that was not sold directly by Brilliant Directories, such as a domain name, 3rd party customizations applied to the website, or licenses to other products associated with the website, can only be authorized and transferred by the current owner, and Brilliant Directories does not have any control or accountability for the transfer of these items.

Transfer Process

  1. Submit a ticket stating that you would like to transfer a license you own to another party.  Please include the URL of the website you would like to transfer, when you would like to initiate the transfer, and any additional information we will need to know to complete the transfer.  Note: Only the person that made the original purchase or received the most recent transfer of the license following this procedure and is the current owner of record for the license may initiate this process. If a license has been transferred without following this process, the license owner of record must initiate this process. The owner of record is exclusively maintained by Brilliant Directories.

  2. Our staff will respond with a link to pay the $75 transfer fee.

  3. Once you have completed payment, respond to the existing ticket to let us know.  At this point, please include the name and email address of the party the license will be transferred to.

  4. Our staff will respond to you and CC the email address of the other party in the response.  We will ask the new license owner to provide their full name and phone number, and will send a link to put a credit card on file if the transferred license has any recurring subscription payments associated with it.

  5. Once complete, our staff will remove the Admin account of the old owner from the website, assign a new Admin account to the website for the new owner, and update our internal records to reflect the new owner.  We will notify both parties via email once this process is finished, usually within 1 - 2 business days.

What Happens After a Website License Transfer

  • New owner receives access to support ticket system
  • New owner will have access to the transferred website and it's contents
  • Previous owner will lose access to the transferred website and it's contents
  • Parties are responsible for domain ownership transfers
  • If there are recurring subscriptions associated with the account, the new owner will need to add a credit card on file
  • The new owner will pay for any recurring subscriptions on the next bill date scheduled for that product
  • Any transferred products whose retail price includes a recurring subscription will be billed at the current retail price