The Easy Coupon Codes add-on is an incredibly simple way to offer members discounts when signing up to your website. With this functionality, you can provide your members with percentage-based or dollar-value discount codes and track the usage of all of your active coupon codes.

What can you do with this add-on?

  • Track usage to see which codes are converting best.
  • Create marketing campaigns with coupon code discounts.
  • Increase your reach by distributing coupon codes to affiliate marketers.
  • Increase member signups by motivating them to save money using coupon codes.
  • Promote your discount codes on coupon sharing websites to increase online visibility.
  • NEW: Use coupon codes for member upgrades. Free to Paid or Paid to Paid Memberships.  

You can get the Coupon Codes add-on clicking here

Creating a New Coupon - Step by step:

You can find the coupon codes add-on in the admin, under Finance >> Coupon Codes: 

NOTE: This tab will appear only if you purchased the Coupon codes add-on or you got the VIP Add Ons Club. 

If you have a new site, you don't need to have the other billing options you see in the picture above. 

You will have the ability to see the 1.Active and 2.Inactive Coupons for faster search:

To create coupon, click on the "New Coupon Code" button at the top right: 

1. Enter Coupon Code

Please add the name of the coupon you want them to use. 

For example: If it is a Facebook promo code with a 30% off, we do recommend to use a word and numbers that remember you what it is for. 

2. Type of Discount

There are 3 types of discounts: 

1. Percentage Discount: Ex.10% off, 30% off, 50%. 

2. Fixed Value: $10 discount, $30 discount, $50 discount, $95 discount. 

3. Price Override: The amount you are going to add, will override the membership's price. 

3. Enter Value of Discount

In this field, you will type the percentage, value or new price for the coupon. 

This will work with the type of discount you selected above.

** For percent-based discounts, enter value between 0 and 100. **

4. Maximum uses

If you leave as "0" the coupon will be for unlimited uses. 

If you type a number, the system will only allow that amount of uses. 

Ex: If you want that only the first 5 people who use the coupon get the special discount, you just type "5" and the 6th person who got the coupon code will get an error if he tries to use it in the signup page. 

5. Apply to Recurring Payments?

If YES, applies a discount to all recurring payments. If NO, only applies a discount to the first payment.

Ex: If you want to give them a permanent discount of 30%, you choose the option yes. 

If you want to apply the discount only for the first payment, you need to choose: No.  

NOTE: There is no way to give them 2 months off if you want the system to take the payments automatically. 

If you want to do something like it should be done manually. You need to stop the order after the 2 months and create a new one with the full price. 

6. When Can This Code Be Used?

This is a NEW option added in our latest update. Now the coupon codes can be used for member upgrades as well (Free to Paid or Paid to Paid Memberships).  

Keep in mind that existing members cannot use codes that are only for NEW SIGN UPS.

7. Start Date

The start date will only apply for Coupons. So if you leave it blank the coupon can be used right away, if you want to add a date, the coupon can be used that date. 

NOTE: This setting doesn't control the start date of the order itself. 

8. Expiration Date

The expiration date will only apply for Coupons. So if you leave it blank the coupon will not expire, if you want to add a date, the coupon will expire that specific date. 

NOTE: This setting doesn't control the expiration date of the order itself. 

9. Select Membership Plans This Code Will Work With: 

In this section, you can select the Membership plans you want the coupon code to work with. At the right top side, there is a "Search by keyword" option. This is really helful when tehre are more than 3 membership plans, this way it's easier to find them without scrolling down. 

If the coupon code needs to work with ALL products please leave all UNCHECKED.

If the coupon code needs to ONLY work with one of them, please check it.  

10. Internal Admin Notes

In this section, you can add any notes related to the coupon. 

Ex: 30% OFF FB Code. 


  • Coupon codes will only apply to Products (Membership Levels), not features as properties, products, leads or any other feature. 
  • We recommend displaying only the monthly or yearly membership levels while you are using coupon codes because if the member uses the coupon code for 100% off the first time in a yearly membership, he will get a year off.  
  • If the admin chooses "Admin Only" in all the payment options in a specific membership level (There is no payment option available) the system will use the preferred payment option: 

When the member uses a coupon code, he will see a message right under the order summary that says if the coupon is recurring or not. 

These messages are Text Labels and you can edit them under Settings >> Text Labels: 

Note: The text label will be displayed depending on the type of discount (Selected in step 2 above).

Use Non-Recurring Help Text Label and Recurring Help Text Label (Highlighted in yellow) for Percentage Discounts and Fixed Value promo codes.

Use Promo Code Override Recurring Label and Promo Code Override Non-Recurring Label (Highlighted in light blue) for Price Override promo codes.

Who is this for?

The Easy Coupon Codes add-on is for website owners and businesses who are ready to drive sales and increase conversions. This is the add-on for you if you answer “Yes” to at least one of the following questions:

This is the add-on for you if you answer “Yes” to at least one of the following questions:

  • Do you want more members to join your website?
  • Do you want to generate more revenue from paying members?
  • Do you want to increase your brand’s online visibility?
  • Do you want a strategic tool to help market your website?
  • Do you want to track conversions from affiliate partners?

In the future, we are going to launch more features with this add on, so you will be able to have better control of your coupon codes.