Once this is acquired it is noticeable that the search results will have more detailed results and as we know the search is one of the most important functions of on a Brilliant Directories website. The visitors need to be able to quickly find accurate information. The website’s default search functionality provides what is needed to succeed. Turbo charge the website’s search functionality with the Expanded Keyword Search add-on. It will index all text present on the members’ profile pages including custom text areas and form fields. This also now will work with Post Types!

This is what it will search for within the member's information:

To activate this for the Post Types as well, please follow these steps -

1. Go to Content - Edit Post Settings: 

2. Select the Post Type to activate this add-on for:

3. Click on the Search Results Tab:

4. Scroll down to the Additional Settings and expand:

5. Choose from the options here, but the add-on will be in full effect with the "Search All Post Data, Including Custom Fields (slowest)":

6. Make sure to save the changes. 

For questions, submit an email to support@brilliantdirectories or create a ticket HERE.