When this Add-on is activated, the visitors will be able to click the phone number displayed on member listings to instantly call them. The Click to Call Member add-on is based on membership plans so please follow these steps to turn it on after the purchase.

1. Navigate to Finance >> Membership Plans, click on "Edit" for the membership plan that needs to be activate it for, click on the "Profile Page" tab:

2. Scroll down to the Select Member Information to Display on Profiles and make sure that the ability to show the phone number is set to "Yes"; if this is set to "No" the phone numbers will not show at all.

3. Finish activating this by selecting "Yes" to Enable Click to Call.

4. Click on "Save Changes".

The profile will now show like this:

If this doesn't show as the image above and this has been installed, please make sure that the following widgets aren't active:

Bootstrap Theme - Google Pins Locations
Bootstrap Theme - Search Results Map
Bootstrap theme - member profile - header

For any questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to support@brilliantdirectories.com or create a ticket HERE.