Load more members on the search results without refreshing the page with this add-on! With this the visitors will not need to click on "Next" or a certain number to get more search results on the same page as it gets rid of the pagination like the example below:

This add-on is based on the Post Settings. This means the admin can have this setting turned on for member search results and not for the coupons search results. To turn this on for Member Search Results or any other feature, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Content - Edit Post Setting and click on the Feature you wish to provide the Insta-Load to:

2. Go to Search Results Tab and make sure to select Insta-Load Search Results for activation in the Additional Settings:

This is how the results will work from now on:

For any additional question about this or help is needed activating this add-on feel free to submit a ticket to support@brilliantdirectories.com or submit a ticket HERE.