This section of the software is a shortcut for the admin to be able to monitor all the post content being published on the website as well as to create posts and fetch un assign posts. In here, the posts are divided by post type which makes it easier to find a certain post.

To access posts created by the admin or members of the directory navigate to Content » Manage Post. The post type with the most posts will show up first. If post types have the same number of posts or all are 0 the first post type displayed will be based on alphabetical order.


Check for Unassigned Posts

This tool allows the admin to look for unassigned posts, meaning, posts that are not connected to valid post types or existing members.

If unassigned posts are found, a message will display indicating the post type and amount of unassigned posts. Click on the link to display them:

Once the posts have been fetched, it is possible to use the bulk functionality to either Publish, Unpublish, Change Ownership, Delete them or Change the Post Type:

To assign these posts to another post type keep in mind it has to be assigned to a post type of the same group (multi image or single image). To do it, hoover over the actions button of the unassigned post and click on Assign to Another Post Type:

Then, select the post type accordingly:

Publish New Post +

To easily create a new post, click on the "Publish New Post +" button and follow the steps explained below

  1. Select The Post Type: Choose between the different post types available to publish.

  2. Which Member Will Be The Author: Type the name and search for the member that will appear as the author of the post. Keep in mind that only members that have the correct post publishing privileges will be able to create a post. Click HERE to learn more about post publishing.

  3. Login To Create Post: Once the Post type and author have been selected, click on the button to access the member's account and create the post.

How to Search for a Post?

The admin can search for the post they are looking to edit by selecting the Post Type:

Once the Post Type has been selected the results can be filtered by:


  1. Published - this option will allow the admin to see all post that have been published.

  2. Not Published - this option shows the admin all the post that haven't been published.

  3. Pending Approval - this option shows the admin all the post that are waiting to be approved so they can become public.


Enter a keyword in the search field to filter the results, displaying only posts that contain the keyword.

How to Edit a Post?

After the post has been found if the admin wishes to edit it, just needs to click on Edit Post

The page will then be redirected to the post itself. There, the content can be edited as desired:


Bulk Actions

There are 4 available bulk options to modify posts.


  1. Publish - This option will make non-published posts public so the visitors and other members can see the content created.

  2. Unpublish - This option will make posts hidden for the visitors and other members. This is really useful if there is content that should not be on the website.

  3. Assign New Author - With this option the posts ownership can be changed from one member to another:

  4. Delete - This will delete the posts that were created. Once deleted they cannot be recovered.

Individual Actions Per Post

To access these options hover over Actions and select accordingly:

  1. View Post: By clicking on the live page option a new tab will be open displaying the post.

  2. Set to Publish/Unpublished: This option allows the admin of the site to moderate the posts that have been created.

  3. Assign New Author: This option allows to change the ownership of an individual post.

  4. Customize URL: Choose to use a custom URL for a specific post. Click on the following article for more information: How to Manually Edit the URL / Filename of Posts

  5. Delete: Selecting this option option will permanently delete the select post.

Author's Membership Plan

Click here to be redirected to the Membership Plan Post Publishing tab to edit the post publishing permissions of that specific plan

Member Information

Hoovering over the member's name will display 5 clickable links in the Manage Posts section. These will help as a shortcut to edit different member and membership plan information.

- View Account: By clicking on the name of the member the admin will be easily redirected to the member's account information.

- Quick Edit: This option will allow the admin to Edit different settings for the member. For more information, refer to this article Members » Search Members » Quick Edit Section

-Email Member: By selecting this option, a pop up modal will show to compose and send an email to that specific member. 

- Live Profile: Click on the link to be redirected to the the member's public profile:

- Login as Member: The admin will be redirected to the member's personal account:

Set Post as Featured

If the Pin Featured Posts add-on is active on the site, the option will become available.

Click on this link for more information Pin Featured Posts

Show number of Views, Likes and Comments

In order for these details to show, the following add-ons need to be enabled:

Member Profile Analytics

Bookmark My Favorites Add-On

Bookmark Counter Add-on

Community Comments