This section of the software is some sort of shortcut for you, the admin, to be able to monitor all the post content you and your members are posting to the website. In here the post are divided by feature type which makes it easier to find a certain post.

You can get here by going to Content >> Manage Post.

You can search for the post you are looking to edit by first filtering by feature post and then simply by typing the name of the feature post. For example, I am looking to edit the Sample Article post posted by one of my members.

Now that I have found the article I wish to edit, I will simply click on Edit and it'll redirect me to the post information. In here I'll be able to alter the content that was posted already.

You as well get 3 options to modify your member's post:

1. Delete - This will delete the post that was created. Once it's deleted it cannot be recovered.

2. Un-Publish - This option will make the post hidden for your visitors. This is really useful if you see some content that you do not want on your website.

3. Publish - This option will make a non-published post public so your visitors can see the content created.