To log in as a member, you must go to:


Find the member profile that you are looking for to log in, click on Actions > Login as Member

Login Functionality

1. There is an Advanced Setting called "Member Redirect Login Rules", it will allow you to redirect your members to the page selected in the Product Section:  

With the Advanced Setting, you can enter a comma-separated list of pages (/login,/about, etc) where if a member logs in from those pages, they will always be redirected to the page defined in their membership level setting (See image above). 

Otherwise, after logging in from any other pages, the current page will refresh after logging in so that the member remains on the current page. 

TIP: Leave empty for all logins to always redirect to the membership level redirect page. Use "/login" to ALWAYS refresh the current page and never redirect user to their login redirect page. 

Live example: 

Let's say that we have a page /activities, so if I add /activities in the Advanced Setting: 

So if I go to the website URL and try to click on the Favorite button: 

The system will redirect this member to the page selected in the Products section (See the image in step 1 above). 

In this case was: /account/home

If we remove the URL /activities from the Advanced Setting: 

Then when you click on the "Favorite" icon, the system won't redirect the member to /account/home. Basically, the member will remain on the same page.