REQUIREMENT: Make sure to have the SSL installed on your website, otherwise the Facebook Login is not going to work.

Before you are able to use this great tool on your website, you will first need to create a Developer's account on Facebook. Please follow these steps in order to continue. Make sure to visit this link to get started: In the link there are steps on what you need to do but I will put them on this article as well as there are some steps that are required and others that aren't.

1. Make sure that you are logged in on your Facebook account, otherwise, it will ask you to create an account.

2.  Once logged in, you can click on Facebook Login Docs. 


3. In the next page hover over the My Apps and Create App.

4. Provide a name for the App and Create App ID.

5. After you have named the App, you will be redirected to a new page. Make sure to click on Facebook Login.

6. In the next screen please select the Web option.


7. Add the URL of your site here and click Save.

8. Next go to Settings - Basics to add your website's information.

9. Please add a privacy policy and terms of service URL, also include the App Domains that will be using the App ID:

10. Select the best category that describes your website and click on Confirm.

11. Make sure to complete the Data Protection Officer Contact Information if it applies to your site and save these changes. 

12. Once those steps are completed, please go to App Review - My Permissions and Features. All you are required to make this work is the email and name the person's name:

13. At the top right corner, you Set this option to Yes by clicking where the red arrow points to:

14. Click on Switch Mode.

15. After this, copy the APP ID:

16. Go back to your Admin page and go to General Settings.

17. Click on the Integrations tab and paste the App ID in the Facebook App ID field.

18. Save Changes.

You also have the option to Enable the Facebook Login, if this is set to Yes your login form will contain this option:

If it's set to No, they will not have the ability to use the Facebook login but they will be able to use their Facebook account to sign up.

Also, if there isn't a key in the field, this option will never show up on the login form.

These next steps are to set up your Facebook Login in your site:

1. Once the set up has been completed, you will need to go to Finance - Membership Plans and edit the levels you wish to grant this to.

2. Click on Additional Settings Tab and make sure this is set to YES.

3. Make sure to Save Product Details, even if it's already set to Yes.

If this isn't working after you have followed these steps, please make sure the following widgets are deactivated:

Bootstrap Theme - Success Page - Free Member Sign Up
Bootstrap Theme Framework

Bootstrap Theme - Account - Member Dashboard

The forms that will be set back to default in order to make this work are:

Sign Up - Free Member

WHMCS - Paid Signup