Members of sites receive an email notification whenever they receive a lead through a Brilliant Directories website.  But depending on the industry and target market of the directory, sending an SMS (text message) notification to the member's mobile phone can be useful as well.  This article describes how to setup this functionality in conjunction with a 3rd party Email-To-SMS platform.

What You Need To Get Started

To get started you will need 2 items in addition to your Brilliant Directories website:

  1. The Automatic Lead Matching Add-On for your Brilliant Directories website
  2. A subscription to an Email-To-SMS platform of your choice.  We recommend and will use this platform as an example in this tutorial. 

Email-To-SMS Settings

Allowed Email

Make sure that the Default Website Email of your Brilliant Directories website is listed as an "Allowed Email" in Text Magic.  The Default Website Email is the email account that will be sending the emails we want converted into SMS messages, and this email account must be authorized to do so in the Text Magic account.

Email Address Format

Next, note the Email to SMS phone number format used for the Email-To-SMS platform.  This is the email address the messages must be sent to in order for the platform to know which phone number the body of the email should be forwarded to.

The email address format for Text Magic is:

For example, if I wanted to send the message "This is a test" to the phone number 333-555-7777, then I would send an email to with "This is a test" as the body of the email (the subject of the email generally doesn't matter).

At this point it is generally a good idea to test out the info you've gathered for your Email-To-SMS system at this point by sending a test email to the email address using your own mobile phone number to make sure the email is successfully sent to you as a text message.  Once this is confirmed working, continue with the steps below.

Brilliant Directories Lead Settings

To access the Lead Settings, navigate to Leads >> Lead Settings in the Admin area of the Brilliant Directories site:

On this page, there will be at least one Main Action, and possibly additional Actions depending on how the Lead Settings have been setup on the site to this point.  The following steps must be taken for any of the Actions that you want SMS messages to be sent for.

Click on the Action you want to update the settings for:

Navigate to Additional Settings >> Third Party / SMS:

Scroll down to the ****"3rd Party Lead Matched Notifications (SMS)"**** section and choose the following settings:

  1. 3rd Party Lead Matched Notifications

    Set this to "Yes" to enable these emails to be sent.

  2. 3rd Party Lead Matched Template

    Choose the template that should be sent to the Email-To-Text platform to be converted into an SMS message. The "member-lead-sms-notifications" template is the recommended template to use for this purpose.

  3. 3rd Party Email Addresses

    Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses the email template should be sent to. For the purposes of this tutorial, we only want an email sent to the Email-To-SMS platform email address, including the member's phone number that the SMS should be sent to. Following our example, the correct format for this is:

    The %%%sms_member_phone%%% variable used here will insert the member's phone number, stripped of all non-numeric characters (parenthesis, dashes, etc). So if the phone number of the member who receives the lead is 333-777-9999, entering the above email address will result in an email being sent to:

  4. Copy Admin On This Email

    Generally, it is not very useful for the Admin to receive a copy of this email as it is just for SMS notification purposes, so we recommend leaving this set to "No".

Once all of the settings have been chosen, click on "Save" to save the changes.  Repeat the steps above for any other Actions that should send SMS notifications as well.

Setting Up a Unique Mobile Number to Receive SMS Messages

In some cases, members may have a Phone Number they want displayed on their profile or treated as their main contact number, but have a separate mobile number they would like to receive SMS notifications to.

In this case, you can edit the "Listing - Contact Details - Member" or "Listing - Additional Details - Member" forms (the forms filled out by members when they login to their account) to include a separate field for this purpose.

Simply add an additional field to one of these forms with the Variable Name sms_member_phone and this number will be used to send SMS messages rather than the number entered into the default phone_number field found in the Contact Details form.  Here's an example of the field being added below the phone_number field in the Listing - Contact Details - Member form:

Please see this section of the documentation for more information about editing forms.

How to Verify if it was Set Up Properly?

First, make sure that you follow the Text Magic Tutorial:

Once you know how to set it up, make sure that you are following all of our steps listed above, make sure that you are adding the proper information:

Make sure you added the email that you allowed on Text Magic on General Settings.

Double-check that you selected "Yes" on this setting 3rd Party Email Addresses.

The email variable "" in the following field: 3rd Party Lead Matched Notifications.

Make sure that you are adding the proper input and settings here:

On the member Contact Details form, check that you are adding the Phone Number + Area Code:

Send a message to test this functionality:

Finally, access Text Magic History Tab:

If you see the Lead here under "Message" it is because our system sent the email properly.