Recommended Payment Gateway:

Using PayPal as your payment gateway will mean you will likely collect fewer subscription payments from your members

With PayPal Free, every time a member's subscription comes due, they will have to log in to their account on your website, navigate to the Billing area, click on a link to PayPal, login to their PayPal account, and then pay for their subscription payment inside PayPal.

If a member wishes to purchase a lead, they will have to go through the same process of logging in to their account on your site, choosing the purchase the lead, navigating to PayPal, logging into their PayPal account, and then paying you there before being able to access the lead details.

As you can imagine, this can be very difficult and time consuming for your members, and many will likely choose to simply stop paying for their subscription for just this reason.

Among the many advantages that Stripe has over PayPal, the biggest advantage is that members will never have to leave your website in order to pay.  As soon as they sign up for a subscription, their credit card will be billed automatically every time their subscription is due, and they never have to go through all of the steps outlined above in order to pay for their subscription.

Stripe costs the same as the free version of PayPal

Best of all, Stripe costs exactly the same as PayPal Free - no monthly fee, and the exact same per-transaction fee.

We are not affiliated with Stripe in any way, but in our experience with thousands of users that have connected the different payment gateways that we have available, Stripe has proven to be the easiest to setup and use, most reliable, and provides the best experience for the members of your site.

Please see the video below for a complete walk-through of setting up our recommended payment gateway,, as the payment gateway on your site in just a few easy steps:

For more information about all of our currently supported payment gateways, please see this article: Supported Payment Gateways.