Free trial periods are an excellent way to build trust with new potential customers and boost conversion rates.

The Free Trial Period add-on allows you to define a number of free trial days for each paid membership plan. 

Also keep in mind that this add-on only works with new signups, it won't work with member upgrades. 

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Features and Benefits:

  • Increase paid membership signups
  • Add a free trial period to individual membership packages.
  • Choose how many days the trial period lasts
  • Trial info is automatically displayed on checkout pages
  • Customers are still required to provide credit card info
  • Customers are automatically charged once their trial ends
  • Customers are not charged if they cancel before their trial ends

How to set it up? 

1. Go to the admin and navigate to "Finance" >> "Membership Plans".

2. Choose the Product (Membership level) and click on "Edit".

3. Go to the Sign Ups & Upgrades. 

4.In the Set Pricing Options for This Plan section please find the "Enable Free Trial Period"  and select the option: "Yes".   

5. In the option "Number of Free Trial Days", please enter the number of FREE TRIAL days before billing starts. 

For example: If you want to give them 7 days, type "7". Leave blank or 0 to bill right away and don't use the Free Trial.

6. Click on Save Changes. 

To verify that the Free Trial was setup correctly please go to your /join page ( and click on "Create Listing". 

As I chose the Premium Product, I'll click on "Create Listing" on that specific membership: 

If everything was setup correctly, you should see in the "Select a Payment Option" section your Free Trial information: 

Important Information

  • The Credit card information is going to be collected upon signup.
  • If the user does not cancel (During the Free Trial period) then they will automatically be charged after the free trial period ends.
  • If the credit card fails when the free trial ends, the member will be set as "Cancelled" automatically and you will see the member in the admin under Billing >> Transaction History >> Past due.  

  • If you would like to edit the information displayed in the Free Trial box (See image below) please follow the steps below:

1. Go to "Settings".

2. Click on "Text Labels". 

3. Type "Free Trial" in the search bar and hit enter. Now 5 options will appear (Highlighted in red): 

These 5 options will appear: 

    Free Trial Period - Line 1 Before Days:

    Variable: free_trial_period_line1_before

    Text: This plan includes a.

    Free Trial Period - Line 1 After Days:



    Free Trial Period - Line 2 Before Start Date:

    Variable: free_trial_period_line2_before  
Text: Your payment will start on. 

    Free Trial Period - Line 2 Before After Date:

    Variable: free_trial_period_line2_after
Text: Type additional text if needed. It will be showed in the same line after the date. 

    Free Trial Period - Line 3:

    Variable: free_trial_period_line3

    Text: Type additional text if needed. It will be displayed in a new line under the date.  

To learn how Stripe shows the payment intents of the free trials, please visit this article: Free Trial Payment Intents - Stripe