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An essential part of the directory's search experience is the ability to filter results by categories. Below we will provide an overview of this module. 

To access member categories, navigate to My Members >> Member Categories:

This section is divided into three tabs to display Top, Sub, and Sub-Sub Categories on the site:

Each of these tabs will have identical functionality where categories can be searched by keyword:

And can be sorted by the following options:

Please keep in mind that these sort order options will only apply to the Member Categories view in admin, it will not apply to how categories will display in the front-end.

If needed, an image can be uploaded or removed to each category which will be used on a streaming widget on the homepage:

Displaying Top-Level Categories On The Homepage

How to Add Categories

One of the options to add categories is doing it manually via the Add Top Level Categories button:

More information about this process can be found in the article down below:

How To Add Categories Manually From The Admin

Another option to add member categories is via importing a CSV file:

More information about this process can be found in the article down below:

How To Import Categories Via CSV File

Additional Options

Export Categories:

The existing member categories can be exported via the Member Category Actions dropdown:

More information about this process can be found in the article down below:

How To Export Member Categories

Edit Specialties Tab Code

And Specialities tab of member profiles can be edited via the Edit Specialities Tab Code:

More information about this process can be found in the article down below:

How To Edit Specialities Tab Code in Member Profiles

Category Name and URL:

Each of the category tabs will have the same display with additional options to further edit them. Categories name can be edited under the Name section:

Its live URL can be edited under the Link URL section:

Please keep in mind that if there are two categories with the same name, the system will assign a unique URL to one of them as can be seen in the image down below:

Sort Order

The Sort Order option will determine categories position in its streaming widget:

Displaying Top-Level Categories On The Homepage

This category sort order can also be selected for category searches, and dropdowns. To apply this sort order go to:

Settings > General Settings > Search Settings > Default Category Sort Order:

Lead Price by Category

If the Lead Price By Category add-on is active on-site, the price can be set under the Lead Price section:

Category Related Keywords

If the Keywords For Categories add-on is active on-site, related keywords can be added under the Related Keywords section:

Total Members per Category

Under the Actions column, the total amount of members in each category can be seen:

If clicked on this section, the system will display the members that are in that category under the Search Members section:


Category Live Page

Under the Actions dropdown, the live page of the selected categories search results can be found:

Delete Category

The selected category can be deleted if needed. Clicking on the Delete option will display the following module:

This is where the overview of the category can be seen and if there are members in this category and if there are child categories under the selected category, further settings will display as it can be seen above.

Under Sub and Sub-Sub Level Categories tab, an additional search filter called Parent Category can be found: