How to Create a New Static Page


To create a new static page for the website, for the admin to add its own personal content, follow the steps below:

In the Admin area go to: 

  • My Content  
  • Web Page Builder 
  • Click on" New Web Page+":


When adding the content to this page, make sure to also set the permalink (The URL name option. eg: family,meet-the-team, franchise, etc.) apart from any other content.

The most common areas used in this section of the admin are described in the images and points below:


1. Permalink 

Add a unique value with no spaces or special characters. It is important not to use the same URL structure used by the membership features as this will be a conflict in the system. Once the page has been saved click on the "View Page" button to visit it.

2. H1 

The primary title for the webpage. The size of the H1 is controlled in Design Settings in the "Search Results Design" tab.

3. H2 

Subtitle for the webpage. This is also controlled in Design Settings in the "Search Results Design" tab.

4. Page Content  

Use the Froala Editor and its different available options to add content to the page.  

5. Hero Section 

On this tab, enable and set the Hero Section. For more information click on this article How to add a Hero Section on Static Pages

6. SEO Settings 

Here the SEO & Social Media settings can be configured. Click HERE to learn more.

7. Advanced:

These are the advanced settings used to edit further the webpage:

Customize Page Level CSS Style 

Add custom CSS to this specific page.

Customize the Page Level HEAD Tags 

Add custom HEAD tags to work only on this page.

Customize Page Level Footer Javascript 

Add a custom footer code that will only work on this page.

8. Save Web Page 

When the work on the page has been completed, click on "Save Web Page"

To make the new web page visible to others either add it to the main menu or add a link to an existing page that points to the new page that has been created.