The administrator of a site can set whether or not a member should be considered a "Featured" member and have those members stream on the homepage.  

By default, all members have the "Featured Listing Order" setting as "0".  By changing this number to anything above 0, the member will be considered "Featured", and will display in the order designated by this number.

How To Change The "Featured Listing Order" Setting For A Member:

1. Navigate to Members. 

2. Search Members.

3. Locate the member you would like to update and click on the "Actions"

4. Click on ''Quick Edit"

5. Click on the "Listing Settings" tab at the top. 

6. Change the "Featured Listing Position Order" of the member.

7. Click on "Save Changes".

Homepage Section Order - Selecting the Featured Streaming Widget


1. Go to Settings - Design Settings - Homepage Layout tab - and expand the Homepage Section Order:

2. Select the "Show Featured Members (requires add-on)" option:

3. Click on "Save Changes"

Homepage Section Order Options - How To Customize Streaming Content

1. Go to Settings - Design Settings - Homepage Layout - Homepage Section Order Option

2. There are different primary sections that you can edit:

You can choose the option to add a title to this section and change the color of the font of the title.

You can choose how many members at a time you wish to show on your homepage as well as how many per row.

You can choose to only show members who has already uploaded an image to their profile or not.

You can select the option to display the member's top level or sub level category or to simply  hide this information.

You can select the option to display a View Profile Button on this streaming widget.

You can select the option to display the order the members appear:

To showcase the Featured Members Streaming Widget make sure to activate Show Featured Members in Homepage Section Order in the Design Settings. You can follow these instructionsHow To Add Content On Your Homepage (Coupons, Newest Members, Main Categories, Etc)