The Bookmark My Favorites add-on allows your users to identify their favorite members, articles and more on your website and bookmark that content in their account for easy access later.

To bookmark posts, visitors need to sign up on your site – which increases your total registered users. This add-on will keep users coming back to manage their favorite content on your site.

To enable or disable the Favorites Icon, you must go to: Finance >> Membership Plans

Click Edit on the Membership Level.

Go to the Post Publishing Tab, you can add a Check mark if you want to activate it, if you want to disable it you can remove the Check mark, finally click on Save Changes.

When the member likes a post or anything else within the website, they will be able to see all of their liked content within their dashboard:

There is an additional add-on that has the option to turn on a counter to see how many times it has been saved. To turn this counter on follow these steps: Bookmark Counter

To select a new icon and color please see: Search Results Design

Members will have the option to see how many times their post has been "saved" by other members of the website:

If you have further questions, feel free to submit a ticket HERE.