With the Pin Featured Posts add-on it is possible to hand-select specific posts to display permanently at the top of your search result pages – effectively creating a “sticky” or “pinned” post.

All posts types (articles, classifieds, events, etc.) can be pinned by the website admin. This is a great up-sell and advertising feature to help you generate more revenue for your website.

How to Pin Featured Posts:

To set a post as a featured post, navigate to Content --> Manage Posts and select Set As Featured Post option for your preferred post

You can also assign a Featured End Date from the same section. Clicking on it will display a calendar that you can pick an end date:

When the end date reached, selected post will no longer be featured. You can also delete the end if needed:

About Pin Featured Posts:

You can set as many posts as you want as "Featured Post". But it will only display the allotted amount of posts per page that is set within the settings:

This Add-On will only work for the Feature Search Results pages and it will respect the current "Order Results By" setting for displaying them once set as "Featured Posts":