What is the Admin Bar?

Admin Bar is a tool that helps directory owners make live design edits on the front end. It also serves purpose for locating your SEO Templates, Static Web Pages, Widgets etc.

We will be focusing on how to locate the widgets using this tool in this article.

How Can I Access to This Tool?

After logging into your admin, click Visit Website button.

Clicking Visit Website button will redirect you to your homepage.

Notice something extra on the left? That will be your Admin Bar!

How to Locate Widgets

To display your widgets, click on "Show Widgets". All of your widgets available on that specific page, will be highlighted.

Important Note: This tool WORKS with ALL your web pages. It is not limited to the homepage. Shortcut to use this admin bar for preferred page is that after clicking "Visit Website" and directed to the homepage for the first time, paste and search the URL extension of the page that you want the use the admin bar on.

In this instance, lets edit the Bootstrap Theme - Header - Main Menu widget. Only thing you will have to do is to click on the name and you will be redirected to your Admin Section - Widget Manager.

Your widget search result will be available on the fly. You can start editing your widgets now!

How Can I Customize These Widgets?

We cover this and much more subject regarding widgets on a separate article. 5-10 minutes to read - really educative as well!

Everything About Widget Manager

How to Identify Customized Widgets?

When viewing widgets via the Admin Bar, customized widgets name will display in  Blue Background and default widgets name will display in  Red Background .. This view will also display which forms and menus are being used, these are also color-coded with Red for default items and Blue for customizations.