RSS Feed for Posts



The RSS Feed for Posts add-on will automatically generate and dynamically update RSS feeds for all post types on the website.

Posts types (articles, classifieds, events, properties, etc.) will have their own RSS feeds that will always be kept up to date in real-time as content is published to the website. This add-on will also have an all-inclusive RSS feed which aggregates all published posts.

How To Get This Add-On
  1. Websites with the VIP Add-Ons Club automatically have this add-on available:
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  2. Purchase Individually: RSS Feed For Posts Add-On

Using the Add-On

To see ALL of the website posts in an RSS feed add /rss to the end of the website URL:


The RSS feed for a specific post type, is done by adding /rss at the end of the post type link:


The admin can grab the URL directly by going to My Content - Edit Post Settings and copying the URL from here:

The admin can also get as specific as possible with the RSS feed as long as that result is available within the website for that post type. If the admin wanted to show all the articles with the word "sample" in the title, add the URL like this:


Or for the articles that belong in a certain category:


The admin can simply go into the website, do a quick search within the feature and grab the URL that is given, simply copy from the ?q and add it to the end of the /rss to make it more detailed.

To learn more about this, please read this great third party article:

By default, this RSS feed will show 10 posts, to increase the limit add this parameter at the end of the URL.


The ?limit= will tell the RSS feed how many posts to show at a time.

RSS Images

The post images from our default RSS feeds are not included by default because they are not compatible with some readers. 

As a solution to this, we created an alternate RSS feed URL 


The includes the post image in the feed data. This way website owners who rely on the feed to also fetch the post image will have a method to do this. 

There are 2 feed URLS:

  1. Default: without post image data /rss

  2. Images: with post image data /rss-image

Once this add-on is installed the Meta Tag for the RSS feed will add this automatically, letting Google know that the site has an RSS.

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="My New Website RSS Feed" href="" />

The admin can change the Title of the RSS by editing the text label rss_field as shown below, by default the title will be 'RSS Feed': 

RSS Excluded Content:

  • The RSS Feed will include the same posts that appear in the search results. This means that only the Published posts will be added, Unpublished posts will not be included.

  • Posts that are publicly accesible and not restricted by the Members-Only Content functionality will appear in the RSS Feed. Protected posts will not be included.

XML File Tags

  1. <title> (post tite-le)
  2. <description> the tag is stripped at 250 characters (post snippet)
  3. <content> (full post)
  4. <media> (repeats the post image URL data)


The start date/time is included for Event posts.

[Date in Website's Date format], [Time in website's time format], [UTC Timezone] -- [Rest of the post content]