Where Can I Locate These Buttons on the Front End?

Every Brilliant Directories website comes with a default /login page. On this link, you will find your default login form and two additional buttons that are available for you to edit:

Where Can I Edit These Buttons in the Back End?

These buttons can be edited by navigating to Toolbox » Menu Manager » Click "Edit" on Login Page Links

Very Important Note: If Login Page Links menu is not available under Toolbox --> Menu Manager, we highly recommend checking Software Updates and install the Add Login Links Menu option

In "Edit" view, it is possible to edit the text areas to change your wording and URLs as well:

For this example, lets change the wording on the first button (Not a Registered User? - Create Free User Account).

Wording changes are highlighted down below:

Front-end look:

Important Note: You might have realize by now that there is an extra HTML code in our text-box where the wording goes (<span class="inline-block">). This span element and its class indicates a new line to start. Without span element and its proper class, this is how the button would look like:

So this will be up to you to use or not, you can input any HTML code to these areas if needed.

How Can I Change The Colors of These Buttons?

Each menu link has its "Edit" button that you can utilize to make further changes. When clicked on these, a dropdown of sections will appear. On one this section called "Link CSS Class" you will find what kind of a button that is being used as a default:

Highlighted areas indicates our first button is Danger Button and second one is Success Button. In either of these scenarios, these specific button colors can be changed via Settings » Design Settings » Default Button Link Colors 

I changed both Danger Button and Success Button backgrounds:

This is how it looks now: