The Grid View Search Results add-on will allow you to have search results on the front-end of your website be displayed in a mobile-responsive, mosaic grid view.

By default your website displays search results for members, posts and more in a list layout. With this add-on you can choose to display these search results as a grid instead of as a list.

To enable this, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings - Design Settings.

2. Within the Design Settings tab, scroll down until you see the Search Results option. 

3. Expand and make sure to enable it here:

You can also create additional links that will take the visitor of the site to one of these specific view layouts for search results. For example, you can add "?view=map" at the end of the URL and the link will take you to a map view instead of taking you to the default selection on Design Settings, you can use this to personalize your search.

You can use this code at the end of the URL:




See for example, if we add "?view=map" the map is going to appear instead of Grid View like selected in the Member Search: 

You can use this method to display your search results in different manners, see this example in the menu:

This is the live link:

For more information, please submit a ticket HERE.