In this article, you are going to learn how to add a Custom Header and Footer to the Member's Dashboard. 

You can add different header and footer widgets per Membership Level (Product). 

At the end it will look like this: 

The first step is to create a New Widget and add the information you want to display on the header/footer of the member's dashboard. 

In order to do this, please follow the next steps (Find detailed explanation below the image): 

1. Go to Toolbox >> Widget Manager.

2. Click on "New Widget+"

3. Add the Widget Name. We always recommend selecting a name related to the functionality you are trying to create. In this case, I chose: "Custom Header - Dashboard", this way is easier to remember what's this widget for. 

4. Add the Widget Code. If you know about coding please add the code you want and go to step 5. 

If you are not familiarized with coding, you can go to the WYSIWYG Editor and add the information there. 

You can find WYSIWYG Editors in the Feature Forms. For example when you add coupons, articles, blogs, etc.  

Then click on the Code View Icon "  </> " and copy the code. 

Go back to the Widget and Paste that code. 

5. Make sure the Type of Widget is a Widget. 

6. Save the changes. 

7. Then go to Finance >> Membership Plans >> Additional Settings tab >> Scroll down to the "Member Dashboard" section >> and select the new widget in the Dashboard Header Custom HTML >> Save the changes: 

Now if you go to the Member's Profile the widget will appear at the top because I created a widget for the header section:

Please follow the same steps to add a widget in the footer. In step 7, make sure to select "Dashboard Footer Custom HTML".