Google Maps Issues: Billing Errors


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If Google Maps locations aren't loading on the homepage or search modules even though the Initial Set Up Steps have been completed, it's most likely because the site is missing the billing information.

This can be easily fixed by logging into the Google API Console:


Next Steps:

1. Once logged in, in the dashboard, click on the "Navigation Menu":

2. From there select "Billing":

3. Now either edit or add a payment method:

If there is a valid card on file, the account may need to be "Activated":

Other important things to check: 

You may have multiple projects in your Google Cloud account. Make sure that the billing is enabled for the project that has the Google Maps API key that was added on your site:

To make sure that the billing is enabled on this project go to:

On the sidebar menu, scroll down and click on Manage Account, here all the projects in this Google Cloud account appear, make sure all have the billing enabled by clicking on the 3 dots next to each project: