Sell Digital Products & Services



Generate additional revenue from members by selling digital products and services directly through the website.

Sell ebook downloads, banner ad placements, marketing services and more. The website will automatically charge the member’s credit card. The user will then receive a confirmation email and be redirected to a confirmation/download page.

How To Get This Add-On
  1. Websites with the VIP Add-Ons Club automatically have this add-on available:
    Join The VIP Add-Ons Club
  2. Purchase Individually: Sell Digital Products & Services Add-On

NOTE: In order to utilize this add-on, the website requires a secure HTTPS connection. Get an SSL Certificate HERE if the website does not currently have one.

Enabling the Add-On

1. Go to Finance - Membership Plans:

2. Select the Admin membership level:

3. Go to Post Publishing tab and scroll down to activate the Website - Digital Products Feature:

Adding Digital Products

Access the Admin Member Dashboard, on the left sidebar find the Website - Digital Products Feature, click on it to add a new one.

  1. Publish content on the site or save it as a draft.
  2. Add the Title of the Digital Product.
  3. Add a Price - Product can be set as $0 and it would be free and no CC would be required.
  4. Select the Available Quantity.
  5. Add the "Buy Button Text" - Call to action
  6. Redirect the members after a purchase to a "thank you" page or a custom page within the web pages.
  7. Select the email template it will be sent. There is a default email template called: Digital Product Purchase Complete, it is the default email template. This one can be used it or create a new one. Website admins can make use of the variable %group_name% to incorporate the title of the digital product into the email template.
  8. Select the email template that will be sent to the publisher(Admin) of the digital product. There is a default email template called: Digital Product Purchase Complete, it is the default email template. This one can be used it or create a new one. 
  9. Enter related keywords. 
  10. Add a description

Once all of the details have been saved, add the images to the Digital Product feature.

Upload as many images as needed.

  1. Title
  2. Description 
  3. Rotate Image
  4. Delete

Arrange the Photo Display Order:

All Digital Products (drafts or published) will be displayed in the member dashboard. To View, Edit, Clone or Delete the Event click on the Actions Button to display the Dropdown Menu with the corresponding options:

Find the Digital Products using the URL:

Use Cases

This feature should be used by the website owner. It should not be available as a regular post type for the members because the money will go directly to the site owner, so members won't be able to accept funds.

Examples of use:

  • eBooks, Whitepapers and Digital Downloads
  • Banner Ad Spots, Email Blasts and Press Releases 
  • Ticket Sales, Donations and Fundraising
  • Profile Optimization, Monthly Boosts and Mentions 
  • Consulting, Paid Services and more 

There are some options

  • Create a Thank you Page where they can download content after they pay. 
  • Create an Email Template where they receive the information (Download link, embedded YouTube Video, Embedded SoundCloud Audio, a form, etc.).

These options will depend on what the admin wants to sell to the members, whether that is to create only a static page, only an email template or both of them.

In this case, we are going to create a static page called: SEO-purchase

This is a simple example, but it's possible to add all the desire content. 

  1. The link which is seo-purchase 
  2. Add a Title at the top. 
  3. Some text and the Download Button.

Upload a PDF file, as it's shown, the name is "PDF_example.pdf"

Then go to the static page that was just created and add the link:

In order for the page to be limited to buyers of this Digital product, select this option in order to restrict this page:

The link should be the following: of the image.pdf

To learn how to create a custom static page with a downloadable PDF, please see the link below:

How to link a PDF to a Static Page

Purchasing Digital Products

Users can acquire either FREE or PAID Digital Products.

  • FREE

  • PAID

    If credits or coupon codes are available, members can use them in order to complete the purchase, this is valid for the default Digital Products post type as well as its cloned versions:

    Important: in order for someone to be able to purchase a PAID digital product they must be logged in as a member with a credit card on file or have available credits.

If a member that didn't purchase the digital product tries to access the digital download page they will get this message with a link to purchase the Digital Product:

Sales History

When a Digital Product is purchased, the sale history will be found inside the Billing section of the admin profile:

It can also be found in the billing section of the member who purchased the digital product:

Hover over the Actions button to view the available options:

  • View Invoice: Click to view the invoice.
  • Download the Invoice: Select this option to quickly download the invoice.
  • Copy Invoice Link: Click to copy the Invoice Link.
  • View Product Page: Click here to be taken to the digital product details page
  • Confirmation Page: Select this to open the confirmation or thank you page.

The information regarding the purchase will also display in the member's payment history  and the invoice. 

It shows the title of the post followed by a hyphen and the post type name:

How To Select A Search For Digital Products On The Homepage

If the amin wants to sell digital products on the homepage we recommend to select in Homepage Search Settings the Digital Products Search module:

If the admin cloned the Digital Products Post type, they can select here which one they want to connect: