Workaround: Members Selecting Multiple Top Level Categories


The way that the software is designed, all members can only select one Top Level Category. 

There is a workaround however that will allow members to select Multiple Top Level Categories. 

The site owner will need to create a General Top-level category that captures all of the members, then have the rest of the categories as sub and sub-subcategories. 

Step 1: Edit the CSV file that has been used to upload the Category Structure and add a new column or create a new CSV. file for this process:

This is what the default/current file will look like

With this workaround, this is the new file structure needed

What used to be the Top Level Categories are now the Sub Categories and what used to be the Sub-Categories are now the Sub-Sub-Categories.

"Hidden Top Category" is the example name we are using, but keep in mind that this name should be changed to something that will go with the site as this category name will print on the front-end in links.

Now proceed to re-upload the new category structure using the CSV file. To access this file, feel free to click on this link: or use the option that can be found on the screen after clicking on the Import Categories in the backend of the site. (see image below)

Make sure to select the option to delete the existing ones. This will also mean that any member that has previously selected a category will have to do this again. This is why is very important to do this before uploading many members to the site.

Step 2: Pre-select the Top Level Category inside Membership Plans:

1.  Finance » Membership Plans » Edit:

2. Once inside the "Edit" screen search for the setting inside the General tab » Pre-Select Top Category:

Step 3: Hide the Hidden Top Level Category inside the Form:

To get started complete the following steps:

1. Toolbox » Form Manager » Listing - Contact (or whichever form the membership level is using as the Contact Form)

2. Inside the form look for the "profession_id" field, click on the gear icon and disable the "Input View" option and save the changes: 

How will my members select their categories?

Logging in as a member, it is now possible to select more than one Category and Sub Category from the Listing Details Tab:

Now is also a good time to review the homepage search module -

Go to Settings » Design Settings:

Homepage Layout Tab » Search Type » Hidden Top-Level Filter/Any Sub or Sub Sub Category filter:

Follow the steps outlined here in order to hide the top-level category from the frontend:

How To Hide Top-Level Category From Member's Profile Page