How to Embed sharethis Share Buttons


In this article, we will be going over how to embed third party sharethis social media share buttons:

How to Receive the Code

To embed sharethis share buttons on web pages, first, navigate to

Then click on Start with Share Buttons:

Choose from the sharing button options and click on Next:

Important Note: 

Before clicking Next, customize the share buttons further by clicking "Customize your share buttons":

Drag and order these buttons:

Add or remove buttons:

It is even possible to further customize the design and settings:

After customizing these buttons and clicking Next, it will ask to specify the platform, now choose the HTML option and click Next:

Now either login or signup to receive the code and click on Get The Code:

Which will display the installation guide for HTML.

How to Embed the Code On Static Pages

To embed the code on static pages, copy the first code:

And paste it on the websites Additional HEAD Code section which is under Settings >> Design Settings >> Custom CSS/HEAD tab:

Then copy the second code:

Navigate to Toolbox >> Widget Manager >> Click on New Widget:

And create the new widget with the given code:

Copy the new widget Shortcode:

Now with the shortcode of the widget, call these buttons on any page under Content >> Edit Web Pages >> Click Edit on a existing page or click on New Web Page to create a new web page:

And simply paste the code in the text editor section:

The buttons will appear on the front-end page immediately: