In this article, we will be going over how to embed third party sharethis social media share buttons on your website.

How to Receive the Code

To embed sharethis share buttons on your web-pages, first navigate to

Then click on Start with Share Buttons:

Specify your sharing buttons option and click on Next:

Important Note: 

Before clicking Next, you can customize your share buttons further by clicking Customize your share buttons:

Where you can drag and order these buttons:

And can add or remove buttons:

And can further customize its design and settings:

After customizing these buttons and clicking Next, you will be asked to specify your platform where you would choose HTML option and click Next:

You can either login or signup to receive the code and click on Get The Code:

Which will display the installation guide for HTML:

How to Embed the Code On Static Pages

To embed the code on static pages, copy the first code:

And paste it on your websites Additional HEAD Code section which is under Settings --> Design Settings --> Custom CSS/HEAD tab:

Then copy the second code:

Navigate to Toolbox --> Widget Manager --> Click on New Widget:

And create your new widget with the given code:

Copy your new widgets shortcode:

Now you have the shortcode of your widget, you can call these buttons on any page you prefer under Content --> Edit Web Pages --> Click Edit on existing page or click on New Web Page to create a new web page:

And simply paste the code on the text editor section:

Which will display these buttons on the front-end on the fly: