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As the website grows, new employees will be hired to fill various administrative roles. Typically these employees do not need full access to the website’s entire back-end admin area.

Admin Role Permissions allows the website owner to define specific types of admins (moderator, billing specialist, etc.). Once defined, restrict these admins to specific admin areas.

Enabling the Add-On

Settings » Admin Accounts » Admin Role Settings:

NOTE: The "Owner" role is only assigned to the license holder and has access to all Admin functionality. This Role is not editable. 

Step 1 -

The first step is to create an Admin Role.  This role can then be assigned to one or more Admin account.  To create a Role, click on the "New Admin Role + " button:

Clicking on the "New Admin Role" button will display the following form:

1) Enter a "Role Group Name":

* This will be the name of the Role, so it is recommended to give it a name that will be easy to remember what kind of Admin account it will be for. EG: Developer, Content Writer, Financial Administrator, etc.

2) Enter a short "Role Description":

3) Select the areas of the Admin that this Role will be able to access by selecting the corresponding check-boxes:

After the selection is complete, click on the "Save & Continue" button.  A success message will be displayed after the Role is saved:

NOTE: If there is an error message when saving, please make sure all of the Software Updates found on the Admin Dashboard have been installed. 

The new role will appear inside the "Custom Admin Roles" section:

Step 2 -

Assign the new Role to an Admin account by either creating a new Admin account or editing an existing Admin account, and choosing a Role from the "Account Role" drop-down:

** Additional reference: How To Add Additional Operators / Admins For Your Site **

IMPORTANT NOTE : If a Role has not been selected for an Admin Account, the Admin account will have access to all pages in the Admin area.

Click on the drop-down to select from the available Roles:

Below is how the dashboard of the site appears for an Admin account with the Role created in this article:

In the Dashboard shortcuts, the sections that are inactive will also be hidden as shown in the GIF above.

Editing An Admin Role 

Within the Actions drop-down click on "Edit Admin Role":

Clicking on the drop-down will open all of the available roles to pick from:

Additional Functionality -

  • When deleting a custom role that has accounts assigned to it, the system will prompt the message:}

  • If the admin/role can edit Role Permissions then the role will be linked. When clicked on the page will redirect to the role permissions form:

  • Default roles cannot be edited. So the link will open the form with all of the checkboxes disabled and the save button will be hidden.

For additional questions or help setting this up, please submit a ticket to [email protected] or create a ticket HERE.